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Diversity, 股本 & 包容

当圣. Francis of Assisi entered the hostile camp of Malik-al-Kamil, 埃及苏丹, in the early 1200s during the Fifth Crusade, his initial goal was to convert the sultan to Christianity. Instead, the two men parted with a new respect for each other's faith and culture.

Their meeting is often referred to as the first real dialogue between Christians and Muslims, and the ability of St. Francis to embrace a perceived enemy as his brother is part of the tradition of understanding and acceptance that guides the community of Franciscans to this day.

We strive to walk in the footprints of St. Francis by cultivating a campuswide environment for celebrating multiculturalism and diversity, and to instill in all our community members an appreciation for the similarities and differences that we encounter as citizens of the world. It's part of our Franciscan values, part of what it means to be a Franciscan university.

Commission on Diversity, 股本 & 包容

Commission on Diversity, 股本 & 包含标志Established in the summer of 2020, the President's Commission on Diversity, 股本 and 包容 is committed to respecting the uniqueness of each individual, to embrace diverse backgrounds, to advocate for equitable and 包容 communities, and to foster opportunities to develop multi-cultural competencies.

The commission is dedicated to developing educational and social initiatives that reflect the individual self-worth of all regardless of race, color, 宗教, 性, 性ual orientation, 年龄, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental disability, marital or veteran status campuswide.

  • 股票研究所

    The 股票研究所 develops and implements student centered contemporary solutions for building more equitable, 包容, and accessible experiences in Student Affairs for our diverse student body.

    The 股票研究所, located in the Damietta Center (second floor of Reilly Center), facilitates student development opportunities (focused on elevation, 洞察力, 骄傲, 和连接), and administers student assessments focused on creating thoughtful divisional responses to issues around race, 性别, equity and social justice.

    The 股票研究所 is committed to providing students with the support and skills needed to thrive at SBU.  

    The 股票研究所

    股本 & 包容 Policies & 程序

    St. Bonaventure strives to create an environment in which every student feels valued. The policies and procedures listed below outline how we define community standards related to diversity, equity and inclusion, and the resources available to students. We seek to resolve conflict by identifying and repairing harm to individuals and communities through dialogue ad reconciliation.